Anti-glutton bowl


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Contributes to the cat’s well-being and prevents greedy people from swallowing their ration in a few seconds.
Promotes food enrichment: you have to offer food by gradually forcing your cat to make efforts to obtain it
Studied to easily regulate your cat’s appetite.
Your pet can’t give in to gluttony thanks to the Pet Enigma feature! Forced to eat more slowly, this aids digestion and allows your cat to be full more quickly.

PET ENIGMA MEDIUM pink – Level 1
Ideal for and cats that lack physical and mental stimulation, become bored at home and result in rambunctious behavior
Prevents behavioral problems
Reduces stress
Allows your pet to display natural behavior
Ensures that or your cat can not stuff themselves for better digestion to reduce the risk of gastric torsion and vomiting
Reduces overweight gain
Activates, stimulates and promotes concentration
Pet Enigma is fun and provides a sense of confidence and variety
Made of high quality materials with a non-slip edge for extra sturdiness and stability
Recommended to proceed gradually so that the dog or cat learns to think and gets out of the habit of having its ration effortlessly • Easy and quick cleaning
Dimensions: 32 x 32 cm x 6.5 cm high
Pet Enigma is available in 2 sizes and 2 levels. Pet Enigma Level 2 requires more patience, thoughtfulness, and tenacity from your dog or cat. It is therefore advisable to start with level 1 in order to encourage your animal to move on to level 2 as soon as it has no more difficulty with level 1.


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