Rabbit plastic bottle 500 ml


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For the good health of your hamster, it is essential to always provide him with fresh and clean water.

Indeed, a lack of healthy water leads to:

kidney dysfunction
impaired heart function
acute stress
a decrease in the action of natural defenses (immune system)
Thus, it is recommended to set up a bowl of water as well as a bottle in order to ensure a continuous supply of healthy water.

Manufactured by the German brand , the pack of 12 plastic bottles for chinchillas 500 ml is specially designed to improve the living conditions of your small rodent.

Plastic bottle for chinchillas 500 ml
Made of durable plastic
Includes mounting screws
Quick and easy installation
Ensures healthy water distribution
Accessory that attaches to the bars of the cage or to the wall
Features a secure ball closure
To be set up in addition to a bowl of water
Color (depending on availability): BLUE / GREEN / PINK


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