Water Fountain


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Encourage your dog to drink more with constantly moving water. With filter and integrated tank. Dogs love cool, oxygen-rich water. With the  360 water cooler, that’s no longer a problem!

your dog will hydrate properly and be healthier.

The  360 water cooler has various advantages including the integrated tank and the filter. This special filter prevents particles such as hair or food remains from clogging the pump, thus preventing the appearance of bad odors.

Thanks to an original design and the use of an innovative pump, the  360 dog fountain makes almost no noise.

Another feature of this fountain: it is equipped with interchangeable tips that allow you to adapt the flow of water according to your preferences. You can thus choose to adjust the flow so as to have a single trickle of water, two, three or even four. With the  360 fountain, you are sure to find the proven quality of the  range and benefit from the brand’s 10 years of experience


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