Wobble & Scratch scratching post


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All cats have a natural need to scratch and pull whether or not they have claws. It is imperative that your cat has an appropriate place to scratch as it wishes. The WOBBLE & SCRATCH Cat Scratcher is a suitable scratcher for your kitten or cat.

For cats that need large areas for scratching as well as resting.

Ideal shape and movements for scratching and stretching
The toy in the center with 2 different faces to stimulate play
Scratching post to help keep your cat’s claws strong and healthy
Sturdy corrugated cardboard scratching post resists scratching
Lightweight scratching post that you can move easily
The movements of the Wobble add interest: the scratching post wobbles when the toy cat – even more stimulating
To mark their territory using their claws
Diameter: 36cm


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